Monday, 11 May 2015

Busy busy!

First of all I would like to thank Amanda (check her out at) Amandasays for nominating me for the Sisterhood of World bloggers feel so happy to see my fellow bloggers following my blog. At least I know someone actually reads my blog!! Thank you Amanda, loved reading your post and getting to know you more especially learning the amount of charities you are involved in makes me realise I need to support and do more charity work myself! I will answer and repost your questions when I have time.

Ok so I have finally decided on the music to use for the fashion show! Well with help obviously. Chosen the tune named “Schooldays” described as “Zany retro instruments create an uplifting world of fun and excitement, featuring handclaps and upbeat drums” it was found from the “kids” section on the PurplePlanet website. The description already fits well with my concept; a happy, fun and colourful mood.

I have been working on my final pieces and the finishing touches always seem the longest to do. I’ve had to unpick and redo parts so many times, cannot believe I spent all day just to a put in a zip and finishing hems of last week. A bit of a perfectionist so I HAVE to make sure my stitching is on point! But on the good side I have been able to practise using the cover stitch and binding machines. Practise makes perfect.

Cover machine


Wednesday, 6 May 2015


Times flying by and things are getting pulled together for the end of year fashion show. I’ve been asked to find some music for my collection and nothing from YouTube is allowed. Not sure the reason why not, but it could be licensing purposes.

Since young I have never been bothered about music, if someone asked me a question about any song or singer, even classic singers/songs I will never be able to answer. Some people say music inspires them and they cant live without music or travel without music, but for me? I can drive 4 hours silently…

Sometimes I even feel embarrassed for not knowing a famous song or a singer, my family thinks I’m weird but if I’m not interested then I’m not interested. I grew up and hung around different groups of friends who liked different types of music for example dance, pop, rock, indie, hip hop, rap, k-pop and the list goes on. So I never decided what music I liked and surprisingly my boyfriend is exactly the same, he’s not bothered about music either and I thought it was so unique to find someone the same as me.

So anyway finding music for the fashion show was a little hard, first of all where to look? I asked my brother since he does filming and he often needs sound and music in his videos. He told me to look into Royalty free music, as these are unlicensed music that can be used, and of I went punching “royalty free music” into Google. I landed on a few websites but most of them I had to pay until I came across purple planet.  Now I couldn’t decide which is best to use for the show so I asked my sister to help and we decided on cattle drive, its quite upbeat but it’s a cowboy tune. Anyway I gave it a shot, not having a clue if it’s good or not and it was a definite no. Good job I asked my tutor to check! So I’ve chosen a few now and will decide which one to go with tomorrow.

Will update on which one I will be using soon…

Goodnight world xx