Friday, 19 December 2014

Trend Research


Since I am using Despicable Me as my inspiration, I researched to see if there was any other designers who have used cartoons or children’s toys/characters as their inspiration. I came across Moschino who used Barbie in his Spring/Summer 2015 Ready-to-wear collection. He used the style of Barbie dolls to dress real life models.

Moschino's Fall 2014 Ready-to-wear collection was inspired by Sponge Bob, a children's cartoon. Moschino used the bright yellow colours with polka dot prints of the Sponge Bob image printed on garments.

For my collection I will be dedicated to silhouettes, shapes and colour. I will need to remember not to draw too much attention to the image of the cartoon like Moschino has.

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Friday, 28 November 2014

The start..

I will start with looking at the Minions first as they are the signature image of the Despicable Me movie. Minions are creatures of yellow organisms developed from a cell. I feel that I could use their shapes and colours within my project. The creature is a very round and oblong shape they are usually identified with the big goggles and huge eyeballs, bright yellow coloured skin and blue denim uniform.

The Purple Minions are the normal Minions that had mutated in to evil monsters. The evil Minions are very dangerous that are strong as they are immune to powerful weapons and can repair themselves. They have frizzy hair, sharp teeth and purple skinned.

The second character I will be focusing on is Gru. Although the Despicable Me movie is well known for the Minions, Gru is in fact one of the main characters in the movie. Filonius Gru was the world's greatest villain. He was planning to steal the moon until his plan was interrupted by Vector another criminal. Gru eventually adopted three girls: Margo, Edith and Agnes to get close to Vector.

Gru is a bald man with a pointy nose, he is very broad with very long legs. He usually wears a black coat, striped grey scarf, black trousers, and shoes all very dark coloured. Eventually his personality changed, after adopting the girls he becomes more caring, sensitive and even shown wearing a light grey sweater. He ends up saving the world by replacing the moon and wore his pink space suit.

To represent this character, again I will be using the colours to represent his dark, evil personality and his caring side. I will also try to create some strong shapes to create effect representing different personalities.

Agnes Gru is the youngest of Gru's three adopted daughter. Agnes has brown eyes and black hair tied right on top of her head with a red ponytail. Most of the time Agnes wears blue overalls with a yellow and red striped t-shirt, white sneakers, with yellow socks. She loves unicorns and has a unicorn teddy that Gru won at a fun fair. Her and her two sisters dream is to have adoptive parents that will care about them. When Gru adopted the girls Margo and Edith disliked Gru but innocent Agnes was so excited about Gru and trusted him a lot.

Agnes’ unicorn is a fluffy soft toy won by Gru at the Super Silly Fun Land for Agnes. By using the pink and white colours and the fluffy texture of this soft toy I can interoperate this into some of my designs.