Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Exciting times...

A few weeks ago my boyfriend and I became a first time homeowner. It’s been quite exciting getting everything sorted from decorating, choosing our carpets and furniture. We’ve kept with clean simple colours so that if we were to sell or rent in the future it would still look modern and easy to redecorate. Since I’ve been busy sorting things out so that its ready for us to move in I haven’t had time to work on my garments, instead I have been working on my sketchbook to update all the samples and toiles I had been doing and some fabric research/testing.

I have been playing around with fabrics because I think that as a pattern cutter I need to learn how to use different types of fabrics from stretch to non stretch and fine to strong textures, because for example if I drafted a pattern that will work with a stretch fabric it wouldn’t work on a non stretch or it would fit differently.

Here are some fabric sourcing I did today, very random pieces because I’m feeling a variety of different types of fabric within my collection.

Rachael x

Thursday, 23 April 2015

Progress Update...

Hihi I keep forgetting to post my progress on here so here is a quick update on some of my collection pieces.

The minion outfit

This is the pink canvas pinafore toile I started of messing about with. Here I have re-toiled it and I wasn’t sure about the back as it hung lose and I wanted a waistband so that it could fit some skorts (aka a skirt at the front but actual shorts on the inside). I draped a simple and plain back bodice piece to the back (as shown in first image). I still liked the pleated effect over the neckline so I used this yellow net to create the pleat around the neck area; this created a nice big oval shape. At first I felt like this was a really good idea as it represented the minion shape very well but as a whole outfit together I feel like it as just an oversized cape hanging over the shoulders.

Using the jumpsuit pattern I sampled up a cropped t-shirt to complete the outfit. It is a very simple and loose t-shirt, which is good for completing the outfit, as it will go underneath the pinafore dress, but I feel like I still need to do something to it and make it more interesting. I decided that I will use the original pleated back piece from the pink canvas as I think this new back piece isn’t very creative and different enough.

I did pattern draft and toile the skort but I will probably use this in a different outfit.

Agnes outfit

Inspired by Agnes’s ballet dress. I first started draping on the mannequin using a non-stretch fabric I started of creating a leotard without realising that this needs to be in a stretch material to be able to get in and out of, with it being fitted and no fastening. I then re-toiled it with a stretch jersey, which did not work out very well as it became loose after a bit of pulling and stretching.  I decided that I did not want to create a dress fit for sports use or ballet dancing. So I used the patterns from the original non-stretch toile and re-toiled adding darts and a waistband so that I could add the skirt piece to the waistband and a zip on the back to get in and out of the dress. I feel like this dress has progressed really fast and worked out well.

 This is another quick toile; I will be using the exact fabric as this for the final. I intend to keep these shorts simple, as I will be having a long t-shirt covering them.