Monday, 30 March 2015

Brand Awareness/Consumer Profile

After finishing work last night as I was on my way home I was browsing on Instagram, all of a sudden I had this boost of motivation. I had so much to do on my mind and I wanted to quickly get my head down and get some work done. Not sure what it was, could be the summer collections and outfits popping up and made me feel more motivated.

I decided that as soon as I get in and freshened up I would jump on the laptop and get something done. After my hot shower my motivation disappeared I couldn’t believe how my motivation and inspiration could disappear so quickly.

I didn’t give up though; I started browsing again and realised that I’ve not checked out the latest season A/W 2015 RTW fashion week shows.  So of I went on and BOOM inspired instantly, amazed how fashion images can motivate me straight away.

Sometimes I get lost in this collection I’m not sure if it’s because of the concept I have chosen or just my lack of motivation. But after flicking through some designers last night I realised that I hadn’t chosen a Brand or Consumer who I aim to create this collection for.

I decided that Hussein Chalayan’s ready to wear style will suit my collection and I will use him as my brand/consumer.

Hussein Chalayan’s A/W 2015 Ready to wear collection.

S/S 2015

Hussein Chalayan is famous for his crafty design pieces using architecture and technology within his work i.e. the aeroplane dress and the coffee table dress. Although his Ready to wear collections are daily wear garments he still adds some interesting cuts to his work making it “look” like its unwearable or unusual to wear as a casual outfit. So I have chosen this Brand/Designer to fit my collection in, as it also has the similar comfy, casual, yet smart style I am creating.

The consumers I hope to target are:


Styles that are:

Well I thought this was going to be a short post tonight but turns out its pretty long... See told you I’m feeling more motivated and inspired.

Goodnight xx

Sunday, 29 March 2015

Keeping it short.

Apologies for the absence, I definitely need to keep posting more regularly. So first of all, as promised here are some toiles I have been working on.

This outfit is representing the character Gru, using the silhouette of his body shape with a broad upper body and very skinny legs. I first created a boxy top for the upper half, very fitted leggings for the bottom and joined them together as a jumpsuit.

1st toile=Calico no stretch
-Exact silhouette I want, but no movement in the leggings from the non-stretch
-The crotch area needs to be adjusted

- Complete 2nd toile in stretch jersey

I feel like it’s easier to blog with mainly images as I can post more regularly and not think about the writing side. Sometimes I feel like too much text will bore you. So I decided that I would blog with mainly images, as this is quicker, images can tell a story without text, and it can draw your attention more than a page full of text.

Keeping this post short tonight…


Rchan xxx

Tuesday, 3 March 2015


Well hello fellow bloggers! Its been one month since I last blogged, I have so much to update on.

First of all I want to thank the 3 wonderful bloggers who reposted the Libster Award post. Alina Meinart, Amandasays and Kaleigh Sewell check them out! Reading your answers to my questions was quite interesting, especially learning that a majority of us prefer online shopping than shopping in retail shops. The power of technology in the 21st century eh?

Ok so second, I don’t think I have ever mentioned on here but along side my Masters study I also run and manage a Chinese take away in Lincoln. I actually live in Manchester my parents and family live in Doncaster (where my university is) and I work in Lincoln, so I do a lot of travelling. My work hours have messed my sleeping pattern and lifestyle up, I work in the evening so I end up sleeping at ridiculous times in the morning like 4/5AM, sometimes even 7AM. After catching my 8 hours sleep then of I go back to work again. My lifestyle is so unhealthy and its not helping my studies either, and yes I’m pretty behind on my Uni work hence I’ve not posted in so long.

Anyway hopefully I can get back on track with my project ASAP and show you guys some awesome experiments and findings. Its not easy running a business on its own let alone studying along the side of it, but my MA degree is more important because it will lead to my future, my career and especially it’s learning what I enjoy doing the most.

I admit that my work is lacking but I do have some bits to update on. Remember the fabric sourcing post that I posted about sourcing fabrics from London, Manchester and Goldthorpe? Well just to show you bits what I found.

 I have placed the fabric together to look and decide on the colour I will be using.

Oh remember that I mentioned the reason why I didn’t source my fabrics by a colour pallet? Because I struggle to pick the right swatch on the computer and that printing it out is a slight different colour to the real colour I want? Well…

The dress… the dress that’s gone crazy on the internet is the perfect example! Looking at a colour digitally can change the colour totally different in real life.

So what colour do you see?

I see it white and gold…. 

Anyway not to bore you with so much text I’m going to end this blog here tonight and post again tomorrow night with some toiles and samples I’ve been working on.

Much Love R.Chan