Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Round up of 2015...

Hi Hi Hi… how are you my lovelies? Thank you for dropping by and hope you have had a very Merry Christmas!

Well it’s been such a long time, this blog was originally created as part of a module course to document my Masters progress but I enjoyed blogging and I decided that I will continue with it so here I am to round up the year and get you up to date before the New Year starts. So a lot has happened and time flew by in a flash, where shall I start?

Ok so I left of in May, let’s start from May… this is going to be a long post so be prepared, sit back and have a cuppa…

May 2015
Well I finished the course and had the fashion show, enjoyed it so much I feel like it was one of my best collections I have done. Unfortunately I didn’t manage to get any images from the fashion show as I was back stage. But don’t worry I will be shooting a photoshoot of the outfits in the coming month. Hopefully in the new year… Currently arranging and organizing with models and photographers so I will definitely be posting to show you on here.  Alongside this collection I will also be shooting my BA collection as I don’t have any images for that too. On completion of my module I wrote an evaluation for the Minions collection and I had explained what I did, if it went wrong and how I felt about each garment so be sure to come back and check it out and give me some feedback on what you think too. Any sort of feedback is appreciated…. :)

Ok so moving on…

June 2015
As soon as Uni was done I had to go back to work full time as staff started to leave and I ended up working 6 days a week. I felt so tired everyday all I did was work and sleep... there was nothing exciting even on the 1 day of I had, I ended up sleeping or watching Korean dramas.

I did attend the New Designers at the Business Centre in London on 24th June. The New Designers is an exhibition to showcase new graduate portfolios and their final pieces, awards are given and it is an opportunity for the industry to spot your work. I found that most of the work exhibited was mainly textiles and print or jewellery, there was hardly any clothing designers. Although it was nice to see all the fellow graduates’ hard work the overall exhibition wasn’t what I thought it was, to help us into the production or design industry.

July 2015
July was a life changing month! I had LASER EYE SURGERY!! Yes I did it! I have always wanted to get laser eye treatment but I never knew it would be so soon. Before the surgery I was looking into it for a long time and never found any in depth detail about it like the after effects, what to expect and during the process. Mainly good reviews and how many per cent they were satisfied with the result. So I decided that I will be writing a post on what I went through and how the surgery went, costs and effects in a different post… stay tuned…

August 2015
Back to work and more and more staff are leaving, some went on holiday and some resigned. It got to the point where there was not enough staff to work so I had to close the shop for a week. At the same time three other Take away stores had closed for holiday so all their customers came to us. We was low on staff already and it got so busy it was a good choice to close, I know that the business will be racking in sales since the other takeaways in the area have closed but it was too much for us to handle so we decided to take a break.

During our break we decided to visit Amsterdam it was a good experience, I went with my two siblings and dad. It was a short break but we all needed it, we went via ferry as we had never experienced traveling on a ferry. The first night we was on the ferry, second and third night at the Novotel hotel in Amsterdam and then the final night back on the ferry to make our way back. It was fun and we all enjoyed it, in fact my brother vlog the trip. Check out his youtube channel here and don’t forget to subscribe.

Selfie of selfies and a photo bomber :) 

September 2015
1st September I attended a beautiful wedding… it was the Chinese banquet and the whole restaurant was filled with people, the vibe was amazing the bride and groom was beautiful. It must have been exhausting and stressful to be able to pull together a celebration that big!
Congratulations again Esmond & Harriet Fong
Thank you for inviting me and my family to celebrate your special day.

The new IPhone came out! I got the ROSE GOLD IPhone 6S!! I have had the IPhone 4 for almost 4 years and I have finally changed. The IPhone 4 was still working fine and it would probably still be going for a while but because it was a 8GB I couldn’t store any more on it and it got really slow. Sometimes I had to wait about a minute just to unlock the home screen, so it was time to move on… since knowing that the IPhone was definitely reliable and last such a long time I stuck with Apple. This time I got the 64GB and hopefully it would last as long or even longer, after all it did cost £619 and I am sure I will make the most it.
His and Hers Iphone 4 and 6S

October 2015
A friend from Malaysia, Esther came to visit so I took her to Aberdeen for a few days with the younger siblings; it took me 6 hours to drive up and 7 hours back. I have never driven so far before, and it has now given me so much confidence in driving. I am now ready for my USA road trip! (Something on my bucket list) it was a nice little get away, loads of walking and exploring.

November 2015
I continued working full time until the week before my birthday where I finally got away from the Take away. I celebrated my birthday with my close friends and siblings, we went to a teppanyaki restaurant and had our meal cook in front of us, it was so much to watch. My lovely friends and family bought me so much stuff here are some of them.

We then went to Spinningfields for drinks but it was pretty expensive and we felt like it was getting boring after sitting there for some time sipping our cocktails. We then decided to go to K2 karaoke it was so much fun, having your own room to sing, drink and play drinking games. It was so much cheaper aswell a cocktail costed £8… and at K2 it was £24 per person for 3 hours and you could order up to £24 with of food and drinks.

December 2015
December came rushing in and out its ended so quickly I don’t even remember what happened and we are still in December. .. hmm ok so I went to the Clotheshow Live in NEC Birmingham on  the 4th it was the first show and first day of the exhibition. I haven’t been since 2010 it used to be so fun with all the freebies and the fashion show. Despite friends telling me that it's rubbish I went alone and the first stop was the fashion show I was pretty impressed and enjoyed it… I did pay for the platinum ticket which was £35.70 (student price) but to my disappointment it was defiantly not worth it. The only thing I got different was a free goody bag, the goody bag used to be filled with lots of different interesting product and even a t shirt. But this year there was hardly anything in it mainly leaflets and a few random bits for example a chocolate bar, a hot chocolate sachet, a sanitary towel, a lip balm, femwash and some shampoo sachets.
There was some other goodybags like Models Own and Barry M but it was £10 for each goody bag. Models Own was the best you could pick up to 4 nail polish of your own choice and it had some beauty essentials. The Barry M goodybag had 6 nail polishs, a small make up bag, eyeshadows, lipstick and eye pencil but all of random colours.  

Christmas came by and left us quickly, I celebrated with my family and had lots of catching up, ate lots of food and got loads of presents…

Merry Christmas xx
Enjoy the rest of 2015…

Have you actually read this whole post?? Thank you so much for all your support....
Drop me a message…  

Rachael xx

Monday, 30 November 2015

Been MIA and I'm coming back :)

Hellooooooo everyone… I’m BACKKK!!! I can’t believe I’ve been away for half a YEAR! This year has gone so quick… so much has happened and I’ve been super busy… sorry for not dropping by but I’m now back!!! Just here to do a quick update to let you know I'll be back and updating with what I’ve been up to… drop by soon xx

Monday, 11 May 2015

Busy busy!

First of all I would like to thank Amanda (check her out at) Amandasays for nominating me for the Sisterhood of World bloggers feel so happy to see my fellow bloggers following my blog. At least I know someone actually reads my blog!! Thank you Amanda, loved reading your post and getting to know you more especially learning the amount of charities you are involved in makes me realise I need to support and do more charity work myself! I will answer and repost your questions when I have time.

Ok so I have finally decided on the music to use for the fashion show! Well with help obviously. Chosen the tune named “Schooldays” described as “Zany retro instruments create an uplifting world of fun and excitement, featuring handclaps and upbeat drums” it was found from the “kids” section on the PurplePlanet website. The description already fits well with my concept; a happy, fun and colourful mood.

I have been working on my final pieces and the finishing touches always seem the longest to do. I’ve had to unpick and redo parts so many times, cannot believe I spent all day just to a put in a zip and finishing hems of last week. A bit of a perfectionist so I HAVE to make sure my stitching is on point! But on the good side I have been able to practise using the cover stitch and binding machines. Practise makes perfect.

Cover machine


Wednesday, 6 May 2015


Times flying by and things are getting pulled together for the end of year fashion show. I’ve been asked to find some music for my collection and nothing from YouTube is allowed. Not sure the reason why not, but it could be licensing purposes.

Since young I have never been bothered about music, if someone asked me a question about any song or singer, even classic singers/songs I will never be able to answer. Some people say music inspires them and they cant live without music or travel without music, but for me? I can drive 4 hours silently…

Sometimes I even feel embarrassed for not knowing a famous song or a singer, my family thinks I’m weird but if I’m not interested then I’m not interested. I grew up and hung around different groups of friends who liked different types of music for example dance, pop, rock, indie, hip hop, rap, k-pop and the list goes on. So I never decided what music I liked and surprisingly my boyfriend is exactly the same, he’s not bothered about music either and I thought it was so unique to find someone the same as me.

So anyway finding music for the fashion show was a little hard, first of all where to look? I asked my brother since he does filming and he often needs sound and music in his videos. He told me to look into Royalty free music, as these are unlicensed music that can be used, and of I went punching “royalty free music” into Google. I landed on a few websites but most of them I had to pay until I came across purple planet.  Now I couldn’t decide which is best to use for the show so I asked my sister to help and we decided on cattle drive, its quite upbeat but it’s a cowboy tune. Anyway I gave it a shot, not having a clue if it’s good or not and it was a definite no. Good job I asked my tutor to check! So I’ve chosen a few now and will decide which one to go with tomorrow.

Will update on which one I will be using soon…

Goodnight world xx