Monday, 18 January 2016

S/S 2016 Runway Beauty Trends

Are you ready for the Spring/Summer season? You don’t know it just yet but believe me winter is passing by quick and summer will be here before you even know it. Stores are getting up-dated, products, collections and trends for the new season are rolling in fast. I can’t wait for the summer season, currently looking into a family summer holiday for August, spent over 3 hours looking for a place or idea where we could visit. But me being super indecisive I haven’t decided where to go yet, just want to visit and travel the world.

Ok let’s get back on track, so I was arranging a photo shoot to build my portfolio up last week, and I was looking into the Runway beauty trends to get some inspiration for my S/S16 Collection. To my surprise I loved every look for hair and make up from the new season. I’m not exactly an expert on hair and make up but the styles I found looked easy to create and would fit really well with my collections whether it was a little dramatic or natural looks.


Balmain S/S 16

The high updo ponytail never gets old it's simple and casual yet elegant when it’s paired up with some big statement earrings. Don’t forget your hairspray though; flyaway or baby hairs can ruin that sleek look.

Bottega Veneta S/S 16

Not to worry if your ponytail gets ruined though, Bottega Veneta has still managed to rock a ponytail out too but in a messier look.  Super casual, relaxed and a laid back look.


Alexander McQueen S/S 16

It’s not about the contouring or sculpting the face anymore. Looks like it’s all back to au naturel this summer. This innocent look from McQueen explains it all; a plain canvas and the casual messy hair is all you need.

Isabel Marant S/S 16

Here’s another, Marant has gone in with the whole clean au naturel as well, so casual that not even a pair of hair straighteners is needed on this one.


Louis Vuitton S/S 16

Moving on to eyes, first thing I noticed other than the natural, casual looks is that there have been some highlights of eyelashes going on. Whether it is false lashes or drawn on with eyeliner (yes drawn eyelashes) it seems like false or strong eyelashes will be a big thing this season. Check out Louis Vuitton’s runway looks if you haven’t done already. 

Missoni S/S 16

Blue bold eye shadow has been going around as well; only blue though didn't see any other colours. I’m not one to go for with colourful bold eye shadow like this but this really compliments well with the natural canvas and simple hair. Its just so simple and easy, definitely a go to look. I love how it will go well with the summer too, especially when you wear something bright and colourful.

Marc Jacobs S/S 16

Marc Jacobs does the blue shadow as well but he’s gone with adding the heavy eyelashes to his look. Still keeping the natural canvas and that messy hair, simple and casual with just that little bit of effort on the eyes. He’s got it all spot on.


Celine S/S 16

And finally we can’t forget the lippy! Again Celine stuck with the natural look (I’m not joking its all about the natural face this season) other than the almost looking white light blue eye shadow she’s chosen a bold red lipstick. Deep and bold lip colours have been going for a while the past few seasons especially the matte look but this season I’ve only seen bright bold red! Personally I’m not confident with a in your face red especially with my pale skin but if this is going to be the new trend I guess it’s no harm in giving it a go.

That’s it for me today…  Let me know what you think to the Spring beauty trends, what products would you recommend to get these looks?

Rachael x

Saturday, 2 January 2016

2016 New Years Resolution....


This is probably a popular post, but here I am with my New Year resolution post...
Going to get straight into it:

- Probably the most popular one, get heathly and get fit... Hopeing to lose some weight in the next few months any tips to get me started would be amazing! Comment below! 

- Blog more... This isn't a beauty blog just a general day to day blog of my life… (just for fun)

- Take better pictures to post, need to learn how to master these flat lays... Again tips and techniques or editing apps let me know in the comments please! 

- Finally move in to my apartment!

- Find that dream job...

I haven't really got a huge plan of what goals I want or achieve but I have a feeling that 2016 is my year, my year where I will hit so many achievements, explore and learn so much…

How cute is this diary? (Tesco £3.50)
Love it so much hopefully it will keep me motivated throughout the year.

That's it for now... 
Mwah x