Friday, 30 January 2015

Mind blank!

After trying some sampling and draping on the mannequin I felt like nothing was working. I needed inspiration, my mind was blank and I couldn’t develop any ideas.

Because I hadn’t seen my boyfriend in over a month (technically its been about two months, since I only saw him for a few hours with family on Christmas day.) Last week I decided to visit him in Bath, get some fresh air and to clear my mind up. I took this chance to visit the Bath Fashion Museum to see if I could find some inspiration or any ideas that could get me going. Unfortunately part of the exhibition was closed from 19th-30th January because of display update. So I couldn’t see much apart from a few pieces, but on the plus side the entry fee was free. However I now know what I will be expecting next time and I can book in advance to have a private study room. This is where you can have a room to browse and touch some of the designer garments of your choice.

This week I started experimenting with some of the fabrics I bought. I first printed out the photos I took from the Fashion Museum and laid it out on the table. This helps me to spot out interesting details that I could look into and develop.

I found that using the half scale mannequin to get silhouettes is more difficult because of the fabrics I’m using. I have chosen to use thick and heavy fabrics to create volume and 3D shapes, using the half scale it creates volume, which is what I’m after. But if I were to use the full size mannequin I would use more fabric and this would effect on the fall of the fabric and drape differently. So I decided to use the full size mannequin.

Some toiles I sampled out this week. I still don’t have a direction on what I want to make yet, just messing about.

Thursday, 29 January 2015

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Ps. None uni related post, just thought ill share this fantastic offer!...