Sunday, 12 June 2016

First Holiday of the year...

Rewind back 3 months ago, my best friend got married. I attending her wedding in Pakistan and boy it was one heck of an experience I’ll never forget…

To start this trip I needed to get a Visa so I went ahead and applied at Gerry’s Visa in Birmingham. Upon arrival I was given an application form, I filled it out and handed it in. The receptionist then told me that I needed a sponsor letter I thought this was an invitation letter to prove my invite, who and where I will be staying, she then went on to explain that this is a letter from the chairmen or some sort of person with a high status in Pakistan. I was surprised and confused so I asked what if I was just a tourist and wanted to visit Pakistan on my own? And her reply was “Sorry you can’t.” I was a bit shocked so I called my friend and we calculated, it would take at least one week to get it and posted over that’s only if everything is done speedily. Amazingly her father in law managed to get the letter back within 2 days, only because they knew someone who was leaving Pakistan and flying back to the UK that was just LUCK!

So I went to pick the sponsor letter up from her and went straight to Gerry’s Visa, in Manchester this time. And guess what… they told me I had to apply at the office I live closest to which was London. It takes at least 1-6 weeks to get the visa and I was running out of time. I went straight to London the next day and handed my application in, hoping that they could do it within a week. There was no fast track or anything either, but last minute luck again I received a text the next day saying my visa was ready!! I was so excited and felt relieved! Couldn’t believe how much information and documents was needed to get a visa.

Anyway so the time came closer and closer and since I had two changes one in Dublin and one in Dubai I planned a one-day visit in Dublin. It was short and sweet just roamed around in the city and had breakfast. The atmosphere was what I expected, similar to the UK apart from everything in Euros.


It was when I had already arrived to Dublin and received a message from my friend telling me that I could only stay for 3 days, this was because of the different rules in Kashmir Kakra Town which is a town in between Pakistan and India and that my visa will only allow 3 days. Just my luck hay?!

It was at Dublin airport when I decided to do a YOLO moment, I booked a hotel in DUBAI! My stop over in Dubai should have been 19 hours but instead I booked in to stay for 3 days, leaving me with 3 days left in Pakistan or Kashmir…

Sharing my experience with you:



My one planned trip became three! Sometime you just have to go with the flow…

It was the best YOLO moment ever! I explored and experienced a lot during this trip. I was on my own but it made me think and realise that there is so much to see and experience in life!



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